What Is Propylene Glycol (PG) FREE E-Liquid?

Why go PG Free?

What Is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Propylene Glycol has recently become a hotly contested topic in the vaping world.  “PG” as it is commonly referred, is a synthetic chemical derived from propylene oxide, a petroleum-based material. PG Free E-Liquids typically avoid the use of Propylene Glycol by using 100% vegetable glycerin.

Why is PG used in so many E-Liquids?

Producing less vapor than it’s vegetable glycerin (VG) counterpart, it serves little purpose in conventional e-liquids other than to act as a flavor carrier and to provide a “throat hit” for the user.  This is achieved as the PG binds to the tissues in the mouth and throat, essentially coating them in the process. 

Is PG in E-Liquids Dangerous?

While used in a variety of consumer products, little is known about the long-term effects propylene glycol poses via inhalation.  Because of its chemical properties, PG is not approved for use in organic products.  Furthermore, although the FDA considers PG to be “generally recognized as safe“, many vapers have reported allergic reactions including irritation, itchiness, rashes, and dryness of the mouth and throat.  Although these are not major side effects, many vapers avoid e-liquids containing propylene glycol to prevent them.

The Benefits of 100% VG E-Liquid

Even if you’re not particularly concerned with the ingredients you are inhaling, why sacrifice those thick plumes of vapor that can only be produced with a 100% VG e-liquid? Our certified organic 100% vegetable glycerin (MAX VG) e-liquids are all-natural, produce more vapor, and can help to avoid the irritation to the mouth and throat.  We have been able to create incredibly flavorful organic e-liquids without PG, so we’ve decided to keep it natural and omit PG from all of our e-liquids.  The result is a cleaner, irritant-free vape that we believe is far superior to conventional e-liquids.