Vaping Fight Continues at The White House

The White House

We did it! With tens of thousands of petition signatures from vapers like you and the incredible #WeVapeWeVote campaign on social media, President Donald Trump and the White House seem to have heard our voice regarding the proposed vaping flavor ban. Although this is great news in the short-term, they have already scheduled a meeting at the White House today, to discuss a new policy roll out around vaping.

What To Expect From Today’s Meeting

With tobacco executives (such as Altria), vaping industry representatives, and public health leaders scheduled to meet with the President at the White House today to discuss the ban of flavored vaping products, it’s hard to know what to expect.

The main goal of today’s meeting is to gain perspective from all sides and to come up with a realistic and fair policy to help reduce teenage use. As we are all aware, a blanket ban on flavored vapes would have hurt adult users more than anyone – adults who have used flavored vapes to help quitting smoking cigarettes. Not only that, but many adult-only vape shops would have shut down overnight (even though anyone 18+ is not even allowed in the store). Furthermore, with all the vaping related illnesses being linked to black market THC cartridges, it was unclear how taking FDA-regulated vaping flavors off the market would help reduce this problem at all – in fact, it was speculated that it may have even made it worse!

Guy Vaping

Ex-FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb was live on CNBC today discussing what he thinks is going to happen. Although he believes a ban is imminent, he believes the ban will likely target pod-based and cartridge-based systems being sold in convenience stores and leave vaping shops open to sell e-liquids used in open-tank systems. He supported this as kids are typically using JUUL and cartridge-based systems, as the large tanks are expensive and often difficult to conceal. “You don’t want to sweep the market of everything, you want to leave something for the adults,” especially those who use e-cigarettes to quit regular cigarettes – we couldn’t agree more, Scott.

He also mentioned that the UK does not have a teen vaping epidemic – despite the fact they have a large population transitioning from cigarettes to vaping. He believes this is because most of the vaping systems used are open-tank systems and not small cartridge-based systems with hefty nicotine doses (such as JUUL). 

As a company that truly cares about harm reduction, we hope that the administration truly acts in the interest of those of us who legitimately use vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, rather than creating legislation to benefit the big players like JUUL and Altria. It’s important we keep vaping away from kids, but it’s also it’s important that we keep it accessible for adults who chose to vape over smoking cigarettes.

2 thoughts on “Vaping Fight Continues at The White House

  1. John R Danna says:

    Mean while here in NYC they are going to push a bill to ban flavors . No public comments . Got heads up from Casaa this morning.

    • Ryan says:

      We have been following the fight in NY closely John. Hopefully the bill doesn’t pass next week. Yesterday’s meeting the President noted the fact that banning flavors would leave a prohibition market, where black market products would be the only choice – and noted that doesn’t make sense, especially given the fact we now know almost all cases were linked to black market THC carts… We hope New York was listening and makes the right decision.

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