Vape Flavor Ban 2019 & The Master Tobacco Settlement

Man vaping flavored e-juice

Lately, there has been mounting pressure from the White House and US lawmakers, demanding an outright vape flavor ban on e-cigarettes.

It is seen that flavored e-cigarettes and vapes have become the reason behind public fear – as news reports have linked them to a series of mystery lung diseases and deaths across the country.

However, upon investigation, federal health officials couldn’t find any particular vaping or e-cigarette product or a brand connected to these cases. The only common thread identified is the fact that many people who got sick were vaping illicit THC cartridges (the active compound in marijuana), sometimes in addition to nicotine. But again, this isn’t enough to clear up the confusion, as some sickened people have reported using nicotine only.

Simply put, the buzz is on, and there’s no one to tell if flavored e-cigarettes will remain on the market for former smokers.

How Does the Vape Flavor Ban Affect People Quitting Traditional Cigarettes?

“My sense of smell and sense of taste have improved since swapping cigarettes for vaping.”says Michael Likes, a 29-year-old machine operator from Chicago.

There are many like Michael who have successfully switched from traditional cigarettes and moved towards e-cigarettes to quit their deadly addiction. 

There are many studies suggesting that e-cigarettes appear to be extremely effective when used by smokers as an aid to quitting smoking. Hundreds of thousands of people today are using vaping products as a tool to quit traditional smoking and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Big Tobacco
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Many of us are wondering why lawmakers along with the Trump administration have suggested banning flavors from the market. Industry experts believe it will force people to retreat to old habits and increase rates of tobacco-related illnesses like lung cancer, heart disease, and gastrointestinal problems.

Why are the Legitimate FDA Compliant E-liquid Manufacturers Being Targeted?

While the investigation showed that vaping related illnesses could be linked to illicit cannabinoid products such as THC PODs and cartridges, it seems that FDA compliant e-liquid manufacturers are unnecessarily facing the heat.

These toxic THC cartridges are usually sold on the black market, and it is difficult to regulate them. This coupled with illicit sales by brick and mortar dealers to minors, has also forced the investigation agency to dispatch over 1300 warning letters threatening to remove the flavors from the market.

FDA approved e-liquids, on the other hand, are free of harmful chemicals. Some companies take additional steps and prohibit the use of artificial flavors, GMOs, and petroleum-derived additives (propylene glycol). There are even some players in the market who have decided to use only organic ingredients in the manufacture of e-liquids.

Companies like Essence Vapor are committed to delivering a cleaner vaping experience and are facing the heat unnecessarily. They have a mission to use only the highest quality ingredients and prevent environmental degradation at the same time. 

At What Scale is the Vape Flavor Ban Imposed?

The growing concern over the mysterious outbreak of vaping-related lung illnesses and the increased rates of youth vaping has led the states to step into regulating the e-cigarette market where they can.

Statewide Vape Ban
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States of Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island have already implemented the ban, and several others, including California,  Illinois, New Jersey, and Delaware are considering similar legislation.

*Update 10/04/19: New York Appellate Court orders to temporarily enjoin and prevent New York State from enforcing flavor ban. Although temporary, this is a huge win for flavors in New York. A preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled for October 18, 2019.

Though the flavor ban has covered some of the major states in the US, many see it as a ploy by big tobacco companies to stem the growth of a life-saving alternative through lobbying and campaign contributions.

It is also important to consider the role the Master Tobacco Settlement of 1998. Under the provisions of the settlement, 46 US states receive annual payments from the largest tobacco manufacturers in perpetuity.

Originally intended to help states with tobacco-related medical costs, payments are based on the amount of cigarettes sold in each state. One has to ask, are states implementing bans on e-cigarettes to keep people smoking?

Probable Markets Effects of a Full-on Ban

If flavor bans are imposed and upheld, there are high chances of customers turning to the “black market”.

Currently, the products being supplied in the black markets are the only ones being linked to lung illness and death. They are produced cheap and sold at low cost, so that price-sensitive consumers are more likely to purchase them.

Vape Flavor Ban 2019

If consumers are forced to seek e-liquid on the black market, it will only lead to more potential harm, and the country will be flooded with cheap, lower quality & harmful vaping flavors.

Isn’t vaping all about harm reduction? At Essence Vapor, we care about our customers and strive to give them a cleaner vaping experience. We do not use harmful chemicals in our products and utilize only the highest-quality ingredients.

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