Organic E-Liquid Reviews by Mountain Vapors & IndoorSmokers

Now that Essence Vapor is officially a USDA Certified Organic vape juice, the word has been spreading across the vaping community about the flavor our 100% VG e-liquids are packing!  With the demand for organic e-liquids at an all-time high, we’re super excited to be reaching a new audience and introducing them to a cleaner vaping experience!!

IndoorSmokers’ Review of Essence Vapor Yumberry

Chris from IndoorSmokers recently released a review of Essence Vapor’s Yumberry.  Our Yumberry eliquid flavor is made from USDA Certified Organic VG, organic flavor extracts, and critically extracted nicotine.  The flavor contains notes of raspberry, peach, and watermelon that combine together to create delicious flavor trifecta! Chris described it as “FRESH & CLEAN LIKE YOUR WALKING DOWN THE PRODUCE AISLE NEXT TO FRESH MISTED STRAWBERRIES!” He also mentioned that when you vape it, you can taste that it’s made from fresh, all-natural, organic ingredients. This is one distinction you will find between organic and non-organic flavors because the chemicals, sugar & sweeteners added to non-organic vapes tend to give it a more artificial taste (not to mention they can gunk up your coils – but more on that later!)

Watch the full by IndoorSmokers review of Essence Vapor Yumberry:

Check out Yumberry

Mountain Vapors Review of All Essence Vapor Organic Flavors

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mountain Vapors, it is a vape shop ran out of eastern Kentucky. Headed up by Ryan Hall, they also run a very successful youtube Channel.  They are one of our favorite sources for vape hardware and flavor reviews so we were really happy to hear Ryan and the boys over at Mountain Vapors wanted to learn more about Essence Vapor & the organic vape movement.  We were even more excited when we saw how much they LOVED the flavors! 

So what did Ryan and the crew say about our organic e-liquids?! They ate them up!  Ryan shared that when you vape organic, all natural ingredients, you end up with REALISTIC flavors. Ryan Hall leans toward realistic fruit flavored e-liquids, and he said Essence Vapor has some of the most realistic fruit flavors he has ever tasted!

They are not as bold as many of the other non-organic flavors on the market but Ryan said “That’s where these juices really shine, they are clean, they’re not heavy, they’re not going to weigh you down.  As far as all day vapes go, these are some of the best you can choose.”

They also brought up another good point at the end of the review – because our flavors aren’t made with added sugar/sweeteners, they are not going to be rough on your coils. Many e-juices have a great flavor, but they have added sugar & sweeteners that will gunk up your coils and cost you money.  Most people don’t think about it, but you save a ton of money when you aren’t burning through coils as often. 

Here are just a few of the highlights from the Mountain Vapors review:

Austin Morgan’s review Essence Vapor: Arctic Cloud

Austin Morgan is known for his love of menthol and koolada e-liquids. This is what he had this to say about our Essence Vapor’s Arctic Cloud flavor:

“Arctic Cloud is the FRESHEST and THE COLDEST vape juice – the best menthol flavor I’ve ever tried!”

Joshua Spartman’s review of Essence Vapor: Blackberry Jam:

“Essence Vapor’s Blackberry Jam is better than Jam Monster Blackberry e-liquid – right off the bat – because it doesn’t feel so heavy with sweeteners, It feels like it’s really clean, really smooth, tart, like real blackberry.”

Kade Ramsey’s Review of Essence Vapor: Hanalei Honey:

“My Grandpa used to be a beekeeper, he used to give us fresh honey from the hive and it tastes exactly like that!”

Keith Hall’s Review of Essence Vapor: Luscious Lemonade:

“It’s right up there with Lemon Twist.” 

Watch the full Mountain Vapors review here: