Why Organic Ingredients For Our Vape Juice?

Consumers are demanding organic products for a reason. We can avoid contact with harsh chemicals, help to prevent environmental degradation, and increase our sustainability by going organic. We believe that ingesting only the highest quality ingredients free from pesticides, chemicals, and petroleum-derived additives leads to a cleaner vaping experience and a lesser impact on the planet.

What Ingredients do Essence Vapor E-Liquids Contain?

All of our e-liquids are crafted using certified organic USP vegetable glycerin, certified organic flavor extracts, and nicotine sourced from organically-grown U.S. tobacco plants.

Why are Essence Vapor E-Liquids Propylene Glycol (PG) Free?

Propylene Glycol, or PG as it is commonly referred, is a synthetic chemical derived from petroleum. It serves no other purpose than as a flavor carrier and to provide a “throat hit” for the user. We are able to create liquids with incredible flavor without it, so we have decided to keep it natural and omit PG from all of our products. Although the FDA considers PG as “generally recognized as safe”, many vapers have reported allergic reactions to it including throat irritation, itchiness, rashes, and sores in the mouth. Although these are not major side effects, many vapers avoid e-liquids containing PG to avoid them.

What is the Best Method to Enjoy Essence Vapor E-Liquids?

We suggest vaping our all-natural e-liquids in RDAs to achieve optimal flavor. If you prefer a tank atomizer, the sweet spot for our liquids seems to be at about 65-70 watts in a 0.15 ohm dual coil setup. These are readily available in most vape shops.

Are Essence Vapor E-Liquids Produced in Certified Clean Rooms?

Yes, we mix, bottle, and test all of our e-liquids in our AEMSA certified facility. This means that we adhere to a strict code of best manufacturing practices, maintain traceability for all bottles produced, and keep meticulous records for each hand-crafted batch of e-liquid.

Is Essence Vapor Registered with the FDA?

Yes, Essence Vapor LLC is 100% compliant with state and federal regulations and is registered with the FDA.