Choosing the Right E-Liquid

Welcome to the world of vaping! In this market, consumers have options. You can decide on just about every variable of your e-liquid. With choices of flavor, nicotine level, size, ingredients – it can be overwhelming. If you’re coming from the world of cigarettes, it’s quite the change from choosing between regular or menthol! Not to worry, we’re going to explain it all! From the differences between ingredients (organic vs. non-organic), sweeteners and how they affect your mod, your flavor & your clouds. But most importantly, tips for choosing a SAFE e-liquid manufacturer.

SAFETY FIRST: How Safe is Your E-Liquid?

Consumers have more options than ever in regards to flavor profiles, bottle sizes, and nicotine preferences, but what are the consequences?  In a highly competitive market, companies fighting over market share are driving prices lower and lower.  The average cost of a bottle of e-liquid is lower than ever. But many companies are making their e-liquids cheap as possible to compete.  It doesn’t take an expert to realize that consumers will pay a price for these savings.  The old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been more appropriate.

Are Cheap E-liquids Dangerous?

You have to ask yourself – why did you quit smoking cigarettes in the first place?  For most, the answer is harm reduction.  We quit smoking and started vaping to reduce the potential harm we are subjecting our bodies to.  Cheap e-liquids are made with artificial flavorings, high levels of propylene glycol (a petroleum-derived chemical), and mass-produced, low-cost nicotine. E-liquids made this way are not conducive to real harm reduction.  While these ingredients make an e-liquid inexpensive and sweet to the taste, they can have real consequences for the individual inhaling the vapor. Not to mention the harm these can do to your coils (more on that later!)

The Difference Between Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin?

Propylene glycol is a petroleum-derived chemical used in many e-liquids. It is used as a flavor carrier and delivers a larger “throat hit”. Vegetable Glycerin is an all-natural liquid generally extracted from plant oils, such as soy, coconut oil, and palm oil. Vegetable glycerin has a slight sweetness naturally and has typically been considered to have “duller” flavor that it’s PG counterparts. But in recent years, several companies have been putting out MAX VG e-liquids that pack a great flavor punch. Companies like Essence Vapor have even packed a ton of flavor into their 100% VG e-liquids using only USDA certified organic ingredients.

It is important to note that in some cases, there have been complaints of allergies from vaping propylene glycol. The side effects range from skin reactions to swelling of sinuses and throat. If you suffer from any of these reactions when vaping, switch to 100% VG organic e-liquid – or stop vaping completely.

Organic All Natural E-Liquids


There are only a handful of USDA Certified Organic e-liquids currently on the market. Essence Vapor focuses on using only organic, all-natural ingredients to make their e-liquids as clean and safe as possible. But, did you know there are several benefits to vaping USDA Certified Organic e-juice – aside from the obvious health benefits?

Organic E-liquids Are Manufactured Clean and are 3rd Party Audited

All of the e-liquids that hold the USDA seal – remember to check for that – adhere to strict “clean room” policies. Because the industry is still relatively new the standards for producing vape juice are still limited. But, products that hold a USDA certification need to adhere to the highest quality standards to meet the stringent criteria for certification. Whenever you buy USDA Certified Organic e-liquid – you know the product was manufactured and mixed in a clean & safe environment, and we think that is pretty important! AEMSA certified clean rooms are also important in manufacturing – maintaining a 3rd party verifcation that liquids are being produced to a strict set of quality standards. Essence Vapor e-liquids are produced in AEMSA certifed clean rooms.

Organic E-liquids Don’t Use Artificial Sweeteners

When you were a kid, you were probably told that having too many sweets was a bad thing! It can damage your teeth, and overconsumption can lead to stomach aches, and other health problems. But of course, they taste good so they can be hard to resist!

Why Are Artificial Sweeteners in Your Vape Juice Bad?

Much like our example above, the sweeteners included in e-liquids can gunk up your coils (much like your teeth), and that limits their life span! Do you ever notice black, wet mess every time you lift the cover off of your RDA or change the coil in your tank? If so – you’re experiencing coil gunk. Coil gunk is a common problem that can ruin the flavor of an e-liquid and decreases cloud production. Unfortunately, if you like very sweet e-liquids, this is a problem you will have to continually deal with. Many vapers have never tried a FLAVORFUL, unsweetened liquid – but we PROMISE, they do exist! Recently, the crew at Mountain Vapors had their first experience with organic, unsweetened e-liquids and had some amazing insights.

Mountain Vapors compared the flavor profile of our Luscious Lemonade to delicious fresh-squeezed lemonade. While they compared PG-based sweetened e-liquid like Lemon Twist to Minute-Maid. Although you may prefer Minute Maid on your first taste, the heavy, artificially sweet taste can get old quick. E-liquids without sweetener are much more mellow and perfect for all day vaping – not too mention, they save your coils!

Choosing the Right Nicotine Level for Your E-Liquid

This is where a lot of people looking into vaping get overwhelmed. It’s tough to know what nicotine strength will be right for you when you’re first switching over from traditional combustable cigarettes.

High Nicotine Level (12mg)

This is going to be the closest choice to a traditional cigarette, so it is where most people start. Using a tank with tight airflow and a high nicotine level (9-18mg/ml) will produce a similar experience to what you’re used to and will help to curb those cravings!

Medium Nicotine Level (6mg)

A great transitional nicotine level for heavy smokers that are trying to reduce their consumption, or for people that might have been social or ocassional smokers. Still very effective at satisfying nicotine cravings without those dirty cigarettes.

Low Nicotine Level (3mg)

Most common nicotine level in e-liquids. Still a good nicotine level, but well on the way to being nicotine free! Flavor profiles come through a bit clearer with 3mg liquids and you can vape them much more consistently without getting too much nicotine. Our favorite!!

Nicotine Free E-Liquid

Some vapers actually get to the point where they no longer use e-liquids for a nicotine fix! This is where nicotine free e-liquids come in. 0mg liquids from Essence Vapor contain only organic VG and organic flavor extracts.

Never Chose the Wrong E-Liquid Again!

Now that you’ve read the beginners guide to choosing the right e-liquid, you can make an informed decision when buying your first/next e-liquid. Remember, safety is paramount and the best nicotine level is the one that keeps you from going back to cigarettes. If you have any other questions you’d like answered please post them in the comments. And if you’re interested in all-natural e-liquids, check out our full line of Organic E-liquids and use coupon code “eliquid15” to get 15% off your first order!