E-Liquid Vape smoke

Vapers today have more options than they ever have before.  With market analysts predicting the worldwide global vapor products market to cross $43 billion by 2023, there is no shortage of companies vying over the ever-increasing number of vaping consumers.  While these numbers include hardware, components, batteries, and other accessories, one has to wonder what these means for e-liquids and nicotine salts? The heavily saturated e-liquid market has more companies than ever competing to gain a customer following.  While one may argue consumers have more options than ever in regards to flavor profiles, bottle sizes, and nicotine preferences, what are the consequences?  In a highly competitive market, companies fighting over market share are driving prices lower and lower.  The average cost of a bottle of e-liquid is lower than ever and many companies are making their e-liquids cheap as possible to compete.  It doesn’t take an expert to realize that consumers will pay a price for these savings.  The old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been more appropriate.

You have to ask yourself – why did you quit smoking cigarettes in the first place?  For most, the answer is harm reduction.  We quit smoking and started vaping to reduce the potential harm we are subjecting our bodies to. Cheap e-liquids made with artificial flavorings, high levels of propylene glycol (a petroleum-derived chemical), and mass produced, low cost nicotine is not conducive to real harm reduction.  While these ingredients make an e-liquid inexpensive and sweet to the taste, they can have real consequences for the individual inhaling the vapor.

We here at Essence Vapor take pride in our efforts to keep harm reduction the primary objective.  Omitting PG (propylene glycol), artificial flavorings, GMO sucrose and sucralose (sweeteners), and low-cost nicotine is something we have done since we started producing our organic e-liquids in 2014.  As always, we vow to remain true to our mission and provide consumers with the cleanest vaping experience possible.  You’ll never find anything other than 100% certified organic VG, certified organic flavor extracts, and the highest quality critically-extracted nicotine sourced from organically grown US tobacco in any of our e-liquids.  Try some today and experience the difference an e-liquid made with organic ingredients can make!