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Vaping Fight Continues at The White House

The White House

We did it! With tens of thousands of petition signatures from vapers like you and the incredible #WeVapeWeVote campaign on social media, President Donald Trump and the White House seem to have heard our voice regarding the proposed vaping flavor ban. Although this is great news in the short-term, they have already scheduled a meeting […]

Vape Flavor Ban 2019 & The Master Tobacco Settlement

Man vaping flavored e-juice

Lately, there has been mounting pressure from the White House and US lawmakers, demanding an outright vape flavor ban on e-cigarettes. It is seen that flavored e-cigarettes and vapes have become the reason behind public fear – as news reports have linked them to a series of mystery lung diseases and deaths across the country. […]

Allergic Reactions From Vaping

Allergic Reactions To Vaping

In the past few weeks, there has been a significant rise in health-related concerns around vaping. This concern has been accentuated by recent national news coverage about a mysterious vaping related illness. This illness has affected vapers in 29 states and counting. In a report published by Kaiser Health News, it has been estimated that […]