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Vaping Fight Continues at The White House

The White House

We did it! With tens of thousands of petition signatures from vapers like you and the incredible #WeVapeWeVote campaign on social media, President Donald Trump and the White House seem to have heard our voice regarding the proposed vaping flavor ban. Although this is great news in the short-term, they have already scheduled a meeting […]

Vape Flavor Ban 2019 & The Master Tobacco Settlement

Man vaping flavored e-juice

Lately, there has been mounting pressure from the White House and US lawmakers, demanding an outright vape flavor ban on e-cigarettes. It is seen that flavored e-cigarettes and vapes have become the reason behind public fear – as news reports have linked them to a series of mystery lung diseases and deaths across the country. […]

PG vs VG for Flavor: The Facts

Girl Smoking an E-Cigarette

If you vape, you’re probably familiar with the terms vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). PG and VG are the two main solvents used in e-liquids. And, when it comes to the PG vs VG debate, there are quite a lot of unsupported claims out there. Not only about their safety but about their […]

Allergic Reactions From Vaping

Allergic Reactions To Vaping

In the past few weeks, there has been a significant rise in health-related concerns around vaping. This concern has been accentuated by recent national news coverage about a mysterious vaping related illness. This illness has affected vapers in 29 states and counting. In a report published by Kaiser Health News, it has been estimated that […]


Choosing the Right E-Liquid

Welcome to the world of vaping! In this market, consumers have options. You can decide on just about every variable of your e-liquid. With choices of flavor, nicotine level, size, ingredients – it can be overwhelming. If you’re coming from the world of cigarettes, it’s quite the change from choosing between regular or menthol! Not […]

Organic E-Liquid Reviews by Mountain Vapors & IndoorSmokers

Now that Essence Vapor is officially a USDA Certified Organic vape juice, the word has been spreading across the vaping community about the flavor our 100% VG e-liquids are packing!  With the demand for organic e-liquids at an all-time high, we’re super excited to be reaching a new audience and introducing them to a cleaner vaping […]


E-Liquid Vape smoke

Vapers today have more options than they ever have before.  With market analysts predicting the worldwide global vapor products market to cross $43 billion by 2023, there is no shortage of companies vying over the ever-increasing number of vaping consumers.  While these numbers include hardware, components, batteries, and other accessories, one has to wonder what these means […]

What Is Propylene Glycol (PG) FREE E-Liquid?

Why go PG Free?

What Is Propylene Glycol (PG)? Propylene Glycol has recently become a hotly contested topic in the vaping world.  “PG” as it is commonly referred, is a synthetic chemical derived from propylene oxide, a petroleum-based material. PG Free E-Liquids typically avoid the use of Propylene Glycol by using 100% vegetable glycerin. Why is PG used in so […]


Essence Vapor Arctic Cloud

People often ask us about the best ways to optimize flavor with our all-natural organic e-liquids.  Essentially, what devices and setups are producing the best flavor while vaping our products.  If we have a choice, we’re dripping every time.  Unless we are somewhere where we can’t bring our liquid because of convenience or restriction, we […]