A Sustainable Vaping Experience

Earth Day isn’t just a day on the calendar.  It’s a day to pay tribute to our home – Mother Earth, the beautiful planet that provides us with everything we need in just the right amounts.  Earth Day is also a reminder to reflect on our behaviors that can both contribute and degrade our planet’s well-being and her ability to sustain us with clean air, soil, water, and life we so greatly depend on for our very existence.

In celebration of Earth Day this Wednesday, April 22nd, we wanted to share some of the things that we have implemented as a company to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part.  Since our humble beginnings in 2016, we have made an effort each and every year to do just that – operate with sustainability in mind.

Here are some key points about our business model that aim to accomplish that:

1.     Supply Chain:

We are constantly working with our supply chain partners to make sure their integrity aligns with ours.  We have adopted a strict set of protocols in evaluating suppliers, making sure they are certified organic through the whole manufacturing process – from raw ingredient to final product.  We also have a questionnaire that all suppliers are required to submit to us, allowing us to validate claims about processes, ingredients, and their USDA organic certification.

2.     Certified Organic Ingredients:

While we have only used 100% USDA certified organic ingredients since our inception, we have implemented a QA program to randomly audit ingredients to determine if they are meeting all USDA standards.

3.     Recyclable/Recycled Materials:

If you’ve ordered product from us before, you’ll know that we use 100% recycled packaging and paper for all of our shipments.  These materials are post-consumer recycled products that come from 100% recycled paper goods, lessening the need to cut down trees that impact biodiversity and our forests.

4.     Bottles/Packaging:

While we have moved to a plastic 60ml bottle for our delicious liquids, we have paid close attention to two critical components on our bottles.  First, the 60ml bottles we use are 100% recyclable so they can be recycled after use.  Second, we have spent extra time and money to utilize vegan inks on our bottle labels.  While a seemingly small amount of ink, this has a significant impact when manufacturing the high volume of products moving through our manufacturing line.

5.     Business Travel:

Some may say this is over the top, but we’ve made several efforts to reduce pollution produced by our business travel.  While some travel  is necessary to our operations, we’ve significantly reduced the rate at which our employees have to travel for work.  Most of our meetings are done now via Zoom, and we have cut down on travel for meetings with suppliers, customers, and conventions.

We are all one community and every small step we can take to make an impact does make a difference.  We hope that you can take a moment this Earth Day to evaluate small, positive changes you can make to protect our most vital resource – our planet.  From everyone here at Essence Vapor, thanks for being part of our community!